Ultimate Guide to Natural-Looking tox | Injection Sites, Units, Downtime and more!

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Natural-Looking Botox | Injection Sites, Units, Downtime and more!

Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country and one of the most requested cosmetic services at Skin Savvy. If you’re scheduled to get Botox for the first time, or are considering it but worry about looking “over done”, rest assured that our team of master injectors got you covered! As leaders in the skin care industry, our mission has always been to honor patient’s health and natural beauty and to help them look and feel their absolute best.  Here’s everything you need to know about Botox injections and get beautiful, natural-looking results:

What is Botox?

Botox is an anti-aging and skin smoothing solution. The safe injections work to temporarily weaken the muscles in your face that cause laugh lines, the creases that form at the sides of your mouth, crow’s feet, wrinkles that present around the outer corners of your eyes, and other forms of wrinkles. The treatment results in the reduction of wrinkles and an improved appearance of younger looking skin. Botox does not paralyze the face completely or result in an unnatural appearance when the procedure is done by a qualified specialist.

What to expect during the treatment?

Most people who receive Botox treatments don’t experience any discomfort because syringes used for the injections are very small. You may be asked to make facial expressions like squinting, smiling or frowning to help your injector locate the best site for injection. When properly administered by an experienced Skin Savvy provider, the treatment results in beautiful, natural-looking, relaxed face! The best part is that only the area of the face injected with Botox will be relaxed, the treatment will not affect any other part of your body.

Which facial areas are commonly treated with Botox?

Botox is typically priced per unit. Some areas require more units than others (see the breakdown below), and some also respond better to treatment than others. A Botox injection takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require any kind of anesthesia. Botox results are seen within 3 to 5 days after injection and the full effects take 10 to 14 days. Forehead Wrinkles (10-30 units) If you are concerned about the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or you wish to keep them at bay for as long as you can, Botox can help. Botox injections for forehead wrinkles are an excellent option for achieving a youthful and relaxed look. Interesting fact: Men require more units of Botox than women when treating frown lines because their facial muscles are usually larger and thicker! Frown Lines (10-25 units) Frown lines are vertical lines that sit between and above the eyebrow. Similar to forehead wrinkles, as we age frown lines become more and more prominent. Every time you frown, these muscles contract, forming vertical frown lines that are similar to an accordion when it’s compressed. As demonstrated by its huge global popularity and success, Botox works extremely well in removing frown lines or preventing the lines from becoming deeper. Upper Eyebrow (2-5 units each side) Botox injected into the upper eyebrow can mimic the effects of an eyebrow lift by relaxing the muscles that cause upper eyelids to droop. Crow’s Feet (5-15 units each side) Crow’s feet are those fine lines and wrinkles that extend from the side of your eyes towards your temples, although most people like to call them laughter lines. Botox remains the best injectable treatment for crow’s feet. This injectable cosmetic treatment relaxes the muscles that crinkle whenever we grin. This procedure can be done within 30 minutes at Skin Savvy’s office and involves no discomfort. Bunny Lines (5-10 unites each side) Bunny lines, otherwise known as nasalis lines, are the rabbit-like wrinkles that appear on the side of your nose when you scrunch up your face, smile or laugh. These lines sometimes extend upwards to the lower eyelid. Marionette Lines (3-6 units each side) Marionette lines are wrinkles that run from the side of the mouth towards the jawline. Often times, the sides of the mouth are turned downwards, leading to an angry, dissatisfied appearance. Botox injections at this site can help you maintain a happier, more lively look. Botox Lip Flip (10 units) Otherwise known as a Botox lip lift, this technique may also be done with Botox alone or combine with lip fillers. Botox provides a fuller lip pout by mildly rolling the upper lip outward. Fine lines around the upper lip are minimized as a pleasant side effect of this procedure.

Find Botox Care Today with Skin Savvy

We hope reading our article has helped answer your top questions and calm your Botox jitters! Contact us today to schedule your appointment and erase fine lines and wrinkles and get back the youthful look! Our team of licensed providers offers complimentary consultations on all treatments! Schedule today at (512) 840 0607. PERSONONALIZED APPROACH TO COSMETIC TREATMENTS ONLY AT SKIN SAVVY The best choice of treatment for each patient is based on several individual factors. Taking into consideration the patient’s top skin concerns, a licensed provider at Skin Savvy will advise you of the optimum option during a complimentary consultation! If you have any questions regarding our anti-aging treatments or are ready to get started, feel free to give us a call at (512) 840 0607 and schedule  your appointment. Skin Savvy is a premier boutique medical spa and wellness practice serving clients throughout Austin, Texas and the greater Austin area. We are located in the heart of West Lake Hills, just a short distance from downtown Austin.
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