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Sculptra for brazilian buttlift

Sculptra for a Brazilian butt lift, also known as BBL, is a popular, noninvasive, and versatile procedure to add more shape and volume to the buttocks. A Sculptra Brazilian butt lift is a great way to enhance a patient’s natural curves using a dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth in the skin. Sculptra provides immediate and long-lasting results and since Sculptra works to promote collagen production within the skin, the skin is able to thicken and improve volume over time! Additionally, this treatment prevents scarring and has minimal downtime which makes it a fantastic alternative to surgical intervention.

What are the results after Sculptra brazilian butt lift?

Sculptra for Brazilian butt lift allows the patient to achieve a rounder, fuller look without surgery. Expected Results:

  • Rounded and more curvy buttocks
  • Increased buttock volume
  • Decreased appearance of cellulite
  • Results lasting 2-3 years

What is sculptra?

Sculptra® is the only FDA approved poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) filler that allows patients to build longer lasting volume gradually over time. Poly-L-Lactic Acid is an injectable, biocompatible formula made up of poly-L-lactic acid microparticles, a polymer of the alpha-hydroxy-acid family that is safely absorbed and eliminated by the body.

When Sculptra is injected into the buttocks, fullness is added, and the quality of skin improves through increased collagen production. Collagen is a natural substance made within the skin that helps to hold up and retain skin shape. As you age, your skin’s natural collagen levels diminish, leading to drooping and sagging of the skin. Sculptra® helps to promote collagen production, which helps the skin appear healthier and function better. Sculptra® is an injectable product that requires no heavy sedation, incisions, downtime, or scarring. A topical anesthetic will be used alongside treatment to ensure patient comfort.

Who is a good candidate for Sculptra® butt lift ?

Good candidates for a Sculptra Brazilian butt lift:

  • Patient desiring a non-surgical and less invasive means to augment their buttocks
  • Patient that looks to improve volume and buttocks shape.
  • Patient that looks to target cellulite.
  • Patient that is willing to commit to multiple treatment sessions as results are achieved in a gradual manner
  • Patient that does not have enough fat deposits in a donor region to undergo fat transfer as part of a traditional (surgical) Brazilian butt lift.

What should I expect from my sculptra buttlift treatment?

Sculptra® provides immediate and long-lasting results for up to two to three years. Since Sculptra® works to promote collagen production within the skin, the skin is able to thicken and improve volume over time. The results for a Sculptra Brazilian but lift will get better over the following weeks after the procedure as the body absorbs the filler and boosts collagen levels. While the best results will be seen after a few weeks, many patients return to get multiple Sculptra® treatments to ensure the best outcome. The average patient receives about three treatment sessions over a few months to achieve the best results. The buttocks can maintain the pronounced and well-proportioned volumizing effects of Sculptra with re-application of injections. This treatment prevents scarring and does not require a long recovery period serving as a fantastic alternative to surgical intervention. Once you achieve your final results, they can be long-lasting.

Sculptra for brazilian but lift at Auveau

Anyone curious about the benefits of Sculptra for Brazilian butt lift should begin by scheduling a consultation appointment with Auveau master injectors. During this initial visit, your provider will discuss the benefits of Sculptra for Brazilian butt lift and explain how the procedure is performed. During the physical exam, your provider will determine if Sculptra® for Brazilian butt lift can achieve the desired aesthetic goals. The recovery requirements and potential risks will be discussed, as well. If Sculptra for Brazilian butt lift is the right technique for the individual patient, a personalized treatment plan will be created.

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