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How does Trusculpt id work?

Body contouring with truSculpt iD involves using monopolar radiofrequency energy to destroy stubborn fat deposits. During your body sculpting session, you lie back comfortably on a table. Your dedicated practitioner applies the truSculpt iD applicators to your targeted area — they’re entirely hands-free.

As the radiofrequency energy penetrates through your skin, it selectively targets fat (adipose) tissue underneath, forcing it to heat up to therapeutic levels. Fat cells are naturally removed and excreted through your body over the following weeks. A single truSculpt iD session can irreversibly destroy up to 24% of fat cells from the targeted area.

Which areas can be treated with body contouring?

The innovative truSculpt iD system is optimized to safely and effectively deliver radiofrequency energy evenly to the most problematic of areas. You can get truSculpt iD treatments to tone your:

  • Flanks (muffin top)
  • Upper back (bra line)
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Buttocks or saddlebags
  • Abdomen
  • Lower back

Because truSculpt iD is such a versatile body contouring platform, it may be beneficial for helping you tighten up other problem areas, too. Just talk with Chrissy and the body sculpting experts at auveau to learn how truSculpt iD can give you the body you deserve.

When will I have results after body contouring?

Even though fat cells are destroyed on the spot during your body contouring session at Auveau, it takes your system time to flush those fat particles away. You should find that your targeted area starts becoming more defined within about two to three weeks. Usually, you can achieve the results you want in as little as 12 weeks.

Do I need more than one body contouring session?

It depends on how much fat you have to lose and how well your body responds to truSculpt iD. In many cases, Chrissy and the team at Auveau find that clients achieve their body goals after just one treatment.

If you have more stubborn fat or decide you want to go ahead and treat surrounding areas, you could need additional sessions. Your truSculpt iD treatment package is entirely tailored to your specific needs.

Get rid of stubborn fatty spots once and for all by starting truSculpt iD body contouring treatments at Auveau. Learn more by booking a consultation over the phone.

Individual results may vary

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