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Auveau is well versed in the world of facials and skin treatments, which is why we like to offer the latest and greatest in the market. This includes our unique to us facial, the PhotoReady Facial by Auveau. We combined the latest radio frequency technology with an exclusive serum to give our patients a facial with preventative and rejuvenating benefits.

What is the PhotoReady Facial?

This exclusive facial was designed to give you an instant plump of the skin and enhance the contours of the face with zero downtime. We wanted to create a treatment for our patients that provides long lasting benefits while simultaneously giving an instant lift and firm. A facial that gives you a photo ready look for upcoming events, gatherings, vacations, you name it! This service can be done on occasion or routine basis to really reap the benefits. 


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What should I expect during my Photoready facial treatment?

The treatment starts by a gentle cleansing and preparation of the skin. Your provider will then apply the serum over your face or neck. You can then expect to feel mild heat coming from the Radio Frequency device. The wand will run across the face and you will feel extra passes along your facial contours. This will feel nice and relaxing, feel free to take a nap!

What are the top benefits of the Photoready Facial?

  1. Facial definition and sculpting
    During your treatment, we wave our magic wand over your facial contours resulting in an increase of definition and over time achieves a sculpted look for the cheeks, jawline/chin and neck.

  2. Improvement of fine lines and wrinkles.
    This treatment provides an instant and noticeable improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. This process is two fold. On the surface level, our serum is working to plump and fill in fine lines and wrinkles. Below the surface, RF technology is providing heat to stimulate collagen that will continue to build months after the treatment. In turn, your fine lines will continue to fill in. Collagen also promotes overall healthier looking skin.

  3. Plump and supple skin
    This is one of the most notable instant effects of the PhotoReady Facial. You can expect an instant plump to the cheek and eye area lasting for up to two weeks. As the initial result starts to go down, don’t fret! You are still getting long term benefits that result in longer lasting suppleness to the skin, with the heat and collagen induction. (Yay!)

  4. Skin Tightening and Firming
    This exclusive serum works to boost heat and efficacy of the Radio Frequency device. When combined together, you will see improvement of skin quality instantly. The collagen stimulation overtime will result in firming and tightening of the skin, giving you one of the longer lasting effects of this facial. Areas of tightening and firming are eyes, cheeks, and jawline.

What makes this facial so special?

We took the time to develop a facial that provides both an instant effect as well as long term benefits. There are not many facials on the market that provide preventative care. On top of this, we hunted down one of the most exclusive serums out there to pair it with the best of RF Technology. They work hand in hand to boost efficacy and results.

This serum helps with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and pore size. It can sometimes help to lighten scarring as well! The Radio Frequency device we selected helps to really define and contour your facial structure and tighten the skin, amongst other things.

When combined together, this powerful duo gives an immediate plump and contour lasting up to two weeks. However, preventative benefits such as new collagen production and skin tightening will continue to build for up to 6 months post treatment! You will not get that with any regular facial.       

 We hope you enjoy this Auveau exclusive. 

Individual results may vary.

How long is the downtime after this facial?

A lot of our corrective or preventative treatments come with some downtime. This facial was designed for the exact opposite. Meaning, the closer to your event or gathering that you do this, the better! 

Aside from mild pinkness of the skin, you will not experience any downtime with this treatment. Pinkness should subsite within one hour post treatment. You are free to return to your usual daily activities immediately after! There are no post facial restrictions. 

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